At Awesome Dogs we believe that dog training professionals should back their claims up with facts and supporting evidence.  As an owner you should be asking every professional - "Show me the study!" Not all studies and surveys are created equal.  It's also important to learn how to read a research study and look for bias.  The following links will take you to full studies when they are available online.  Abstracts are abbreviated versions that give an overview.  These are given when the full study is not available online.  If you wish a copy of the full study, they can be purchased from the various publications on their websites.

What types of dog training are associated with aggression?

Interesting research in canine cognition.
The following three research studies are posted with the permission of the author. They are not to be copied or distributed without the express written consent of the owner of the study.

What factors affect training and increase or decrease effectiveness?

What makes a dog turn aggressive? (See also training methods above)

How do wild dogs, wolves and pet dogs compare to one another?

How does breeding affect a dog's behaviour?

Training tools - leashes and collars

Other related topics