Owners given tools to avoid dog bites and dangerous advice

For Immediate Release
Nov. 1, 2010
Dorchester, ON

Research shows that some pet training methods can put owners at risk of a dog bite.  Most families simply want a well behaved pet.  They want to do the right thing.  How does one know if they are helping or doing harm?  Pet trainer and columnist Yvette Van Veen offers up to the minute research that helps owners help themselves - and their pets.

Many pet owners struggle with ongoing pet behaviour problems.  Most families turn to self help resources only to find a frustrating collection of conflicting advice.

Owners do not have to feel lost or confused. Help is just a click of a mouse away.

Pet trainer and advice columnist Yvette Van Veen has made solutions and research accessible to the public.  Says Van Veen...

"Many people are unaware that pet training is an unregulated industry.  Anyone can give advice.  The question is whether that advice is true or false - helpful or potentially dangerous."

Science may hold the key.  In recent years, researchers have begun looking at man's best friend.  What they have found flies in the face of popular training advice. Van Veen goes on to elaborate...

It is exciting to see dogs being studied and treated as dogs.  For pet owners, this gives them the ability to evaluate truth from old wives' tales.  There was a time people thought the world was flat.  We know better now because of scientists.  There is no shame in admitting that years of dog training wisdom was wrong.  It's time we embrace it.

Using her website, Yvette has collected decades of dog related research and put them in one easy to find place.  Owners now have the ability to easily see what dogs are really like - in turn they have the ability to solve pet problems quickly and efficiently.


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