For dogs that are REACTIVE or FEARFUL toward other dogs
Five weeks of personalized coaching.  Never suffer through chaotic group growl classes.  We have an expert team of trained decoy dogs.  They calmly offer the opportunity for your dog to practice. Build your dog’s skills and confidence while feeling safe and secure.  Your dog gets the exposure they need.  You get the skills needed to practice in the real world.

Receive private coaching from one of Canada’s leading experts on dog behaviour.  We identify your dog’s specific triggers.  Next we gradually work through those triggers, keeping your dog within their capabilities.

5 weeks - one on one sessions - at our Dorchester location.
$325.00 taxes included.

5 week program that systematically breaks fears and reactions into manageable steps.  We focus on the details in order to get to the root of the problem.  Learn how to effectively bring about change in your dog’s emotional responses.  From dogs that growl over possession and food to those that fight handling and grooming – we can help.  We show you how to help your dog to face its fears – gently.  Feral dog and puppy mill specialists.

5 weeks - one on one sessions - Dorchester location.
$325.00 taxes included.