Entertain and educate at group events with Associate Animal Behaviour Consultant Yvette Van Veen.  Her keen observational skills and years of experience combine for a fun event filled with facts.  Filled with the latest research on dog training and animal behaviour - she always brings something new to the table.  She's been a fixture at Pawlooza and other events - combining fun with fact in a family friendly and humane way.

Seminars Currently Offered

Species Specific Training
This original training concept was developed by trainer Yvette Van Veen.  Capitalize on your dog's natural learning preferences to maximize training results.  It's a new twist on positive training and you won't believe the results.  Teach agility dogs to go out to a table using their scavenging tendencies.  Use a dog's ability to look toward their people for strong leave-its.

Dog Bite Prevention - What Municipalities Need to Know
It's no longer about opinion.  Learn about the latest research in dog aggression.  The pet training industry is unregulated; that leaves communities vulnerable to potentially dangerous advice.  Nice people often inadvertently create aggression in their pets.  This creates a safety risk for people in the community.  Municipalities are left dealing with unnecessary and completely avoidable problems.  Yvette helps municipalities make educated decisions to help create educational programs that work.

Lassie Doesn't Exist
This program entertains and educates pet owners with a no nonsense look at the joys, challenges, and realities of dog training.  Pet owners have been deluged with images of the perfect dog.  We all want Lassie.  But Lassie never existed.  Lassie was actually five dogs.  Owners can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their dog is normal.  They don't understand English, and they don't naturally do obedience.  Nothing is going to change that until dogs start barking obedience commands at one another!  Enjoy this humorous look at what dogs really are - and how owners can make them fit into our world.  And yes, learn how to teach them to do obedience.

It's true that all animals follow the laws of learning.  But all animals come with traits that make them unique.  Research is showing that dogs are scavengers. We can use that knowledge to teach better.


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