Why Positive Reinforcement Works...


At Awesome Dogs we recommend that owners use positive reinforcement to train their pets.  Positive reinforcement training means that owners reward the dog.  Rewards can take a number of forms.  It could mean that the dog gets a treat, some play or attention

As the dog learns what is expected from it - it tries harder to obey.  It works to get positive feedback.  

This is similar to a person learning a new job, computer program or a child learning at school.  We all like to know when we are right so we can do it some more.  Exercises start easy and gradually get more difficult until eventually they are mastered.

Dogs learn in the same way.  They first need to understand what is expected.  Exercises are started at a beginner level.  Gradually the dog learns to obey in more challenging situations.  Positive reinforcement training is designed to set the dog up for success so it can learn quickly and effectively.

Why should owners choose positive reinforcement over other types of techniques?
Because dog training advice is a lot like a prescription pill.  The cure is important.  But there are also side effects to consider.  Prescriptions that do more harm than good are not beneficial.

Similarly pet training advice needs to be effective.  But it also comes with potential risks.  Some methods have been shown to trigger aggressive responses in pets - putting owners, their friends, family and children at risk of an injury.

Positive reinforcement training on the other hand has very little risk of triggering a bite.  It's a safer option.

But does it work?  Absolutely!
Positive training is proven to be a fast, fun, humane and effective way to train your pet.  It's the main reason Awesome Dogs recommends this technique above others.


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