About Yvette Van Veen...

Yvette developed a passion for working with animals at an early age.  Living in rural Ontario, her family owned a wide array of animals that were welcome additions to the family.

By the age of six, she became stubbornly determined to "make friends" with the neighbors' professionally trained guard dog.  A few sugar cubes and a summer holiday later, the dog was putty in her hands.
(Yvette now admits this was not the safest choice of activities.  Times were different then.  Children played outside unsupervised.)

After college, she went on to work in investment banking until her passion for animals was rekindled.  Yvette and her husband fostered and adopted Tiny from a local shelter.  Tiny was renamed Kiki when it became apparent she would be rather large.  She was later joined by Kaya - also fostered from the local shelter.

She started honing her training skills by apprenticing with a variety of trainers in the area.  This led to continuing education such as seminars and classes at The University of Western Ontario.  She strives to continue with these educational opportunities.

In 2002, Yvette started Awesome Dogs and began writing a pet behaviour column for the local paper - The Londoner.  This weekly column quickly took hold leading to various appearances in magazines, radio and television.

Her training approach makes science accessible.  She offers positive and humane advice without compromising structure.  Yvette currently offers her common sense approach in a weekly column in the Toronto Star.

Yvette shares her home with husband Brian and son Jordan, They share their lives with Kip, a feral/roaming rescue from a remote Northern community, Karma an A.K.C. Border Collie and Icarus the cat who often comes to show the dogs up at class.


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